Down to the woods Saturday 13th August

DOWN TO THE WOODS is a brand new, special kind of music and arts festival.

DOWN TO THE WOODS replaces its predecessor of three years, Hardwick Live (sold out in 2015 – thanks for your support good people!), with a welcome alternative to the established mainstream music festivals..

DOWN TO THE WOODS will deliver some of the best heritage and new acts in the country – but that’s not all. DOWN TO THE WOODS will bring you comedy, dance DJs, spoken word, art and more than one or two surprises for you to enjoy.

DOWN TO THE WOODS is going to be special……very special.

DOWN TO THE WOODS will launch with three stages and many pop up surprises. The stages are The Grand Arcadia where you will find our festival headliners and a host of other stunning acts, Foxes Folly, home to the best in new music and more of the artists you already adore and Badgers Den where comedy and dance reign supreme. There will of course be plenty of bars, food outlets, fairground rides and as for the rest…..If you go down to the woods today……

Line Up

Hardwick Live 2016 Discovery Stage Running Order

If you go down to the woods today...


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